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  1. Cleaned out some filthy and dusty draws I haven't used in years, finally can store stuff in them again
  2. Finished Full Metal Alchemist fairly recently and what can I say, I should've watched it earlier XD. Excellent anime with fantastic music, this is the 4th OP Period by Chemistry:
  3. Wanderer by Ren Zotto: The animations in this music video are very pretty
  4. In the end, it's probably best I disappear, for my own mental health and those that I have been close to. Funny how good past memories can just bring pain now, but that's life I guess.
  5. "This is the trouble with humans, their emotions are too complicated." Asuramaru- Seraph Of The End: Vampire Reign
  6. scaPEGoat (Instrumental) from Seraph Of The End: Vampire Reign:
  7. One of the strongest opening moments in anime I think, Seraph Of The End: Vampire Reign:
  8. Baloney speaker (English ver) by Sasanomaly:
  9. I Refuse by Five Finger Death Punch:
  10. M.I.N.E. (End This Way) by Five Finger Death Punch:
  11. Just finished watching this anime, Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor: (Shame the light novel isn't fully translated, would love to have a read of it once it is.)
  12. Mewsic's English cover of Prover form Fate/Grand Order- Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia:
  13. Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia OP2 (Phantom Joke):
  14. @onewiththewheels & @AquilaTempestas (And then there was silence for another year, seriously bad on me, sorry everyone) Silently you descend down the sloops and into the compound. Luckily most people, inmates and guards, are focused on the daily rations canopy and your large group goes unnoticed, for now. However, you can hear Jenny getting slowly louder and louder, clearly not happy about how Gareth was trying to get her to drop the previous conversation. "But dad, Garry said we'd be better of dead and doesn't care about his family and-!" "Jenny, remember uncle Ivan wanted you to stop this and not draw attention. Some people are starting to look this way." Gareth's tone was a lot more stern than you'd heard from him before, but he wasn't wrong. Heads had started to turn in your direction and you have just started walking, you quickly gather you want to attract as little attention as possible. (Attention meter: 10/100) Speak up and try and get Jenny to calm down? Remain silent and eave it up to Gareth to calm Jenny down? Urge Ivan to calm Jenny down? Anything else? @TJMike (I should be the one apologizing for the continuous stop and starting of this RP, I'm sorry all of ya) Curious of what you are up to, Azure starts to peek back over her shoulder, but after seeing you approaching Hanako's corpse quickly looks away again without a word. Though, a brief whimper does escape her. On the kitchen units you spy a few empty tins, one of them could hold the ooze, just got to watch the sharp edges left behind by the discarded lids. A used spoon lies in the sink, traces of beans, tomato sauce and saliva coat the tip, still might be helpful to avoid getting any of the ooze on your skin. Not much else lies around on the counters that would help. Attempt to use one of the cans to collect the ooze? Change your mind and decide against collecting the ooze? Anything else?
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