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  1. In the end, it's about self sufficiency. 

  2. That moment when I could turn back time and fuck right off.
  3. Reading about forced marriages reminds me how much I despise patriarchy to my core.
  4. It's nice to learn new things even as an old crone. But what's not nice is being an old crone and there's aches everywhere, fml.
  5. Nope. Have you ever thought you could eat something effortlessly only to spit it back out?
  6. Meeting a good friend next week! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. Looking back at my previous response, I don't start a story off that way any longer. I word vomit. That's it. Whatever I see or hear in my head, I write them down immediately before coming back to add details and polishing the overall piece. I often start new chapters with paragraphs unless there's a phrase that needs to be mentioned at the start.
  8. Absolutely nothing. I assimilated into the couch.
  9. I'm a hermit so there's a number of indoorsy things I do indoors. However, there are things I love doing outdoors, too. Writing - I used to write fanfiction but right now I'm focusing my efforts on writing my fantasy book. Drawing - I draw on the iPad. These days I draw Pokemon and landscapes. Photography - I love photography and photo editing in Lightroom. Traveling - My personal favorites are going to anywhere where there's an ocean. If there's an ocean, I'm there. If there's no ocean then aquarium. If there's none of that, a museum. I like reading museum blurbs. If there's none of that, the local park does just fine. Video games - I play a select few but really select few when I'm in the mood.
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