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  1. Wait, people voted me as Alpha Male? Dafuq!?
  2. There were a few scenes that made me theorize a few things, but I'm not going to say how...at least not without walking into spoiler territory. In terms of story, it does keep me invested...then again, I'm a Final Fantasy fan so, there might be some bias, combat feels fluid, though it'll take me some time to get use to it not feeling like Devil May Cry, lol. All and all, I'm excited to see how this game plays out.
  3. Welp, we have an official (possibly tentative) release date. October 22nd, 2023. Courtesy of the Playstation Showcase,
  4. Yes, at least so I can have the peace and quiet I want. Have you ever wanted to visit a mythological city?
  5. It does look interesting. The new Terastral gimmick does look more appealing than Dynamaxing, I'm just hoping there's a bit more lore to it. What really caught my curiosity was that the gyms aren't linear, what? In every pokemon game, there is a set order, now we can just...pick which gym to take on? If that's not surprising, idk what is.
  6. Sometimes, you can't help but think about the ppl who cut you out of their lives. When they go through some rough times, do you want to help them out, or just respect that they want nothing to do with you anymore, and just go about your business? I hate being empathetic towards people who had none for anyone else, UGH!

    1. SilveryMoonShadow


      You have to move on. They've moved on from you. Don't be afraid to let go because that is how you heal.

  7. Though, there is some strange feeling of catharsis when you end up doing better than the people who made your life hell.
  8. It feels horrible, that the person you've grown close to turns out to be a toxic individual...took me a bit to come to the conclusion that they were just using me as a method to one up someone here. "I got a boyfriend, you don't, so HA!!!" She's always trying to be better than someone.
  9. Yeah, and do you want to know the sad thing is...THAT VERY SAME PERSON WAS MY EX!!! Dear God, I nearly let a pair of rose tinted glasses stop me from seeing who they really were.
  10. I like how Arcsys made these old tracks. So glad I'm both and Arcsys fan and a DFO fan.
  11. Already its starting to look interesting. The combat also looks to be inspired by a lot of the more fast-paced action games like the old God of War and Devil May Cry.
  12. Hopefully we get the rest of the Round Table to join the roster
  13. At home? Rambo: Last Blood At the cinema? Fantastic Beasts: The secrets of Dumbledore. (My mom's a Harry Potter fan). I will be watching Sonic 2 later
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