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  1. Wondering how my face doesn't seem to have aged a day in 10 years.
  2. Sakura Alexia


    I think they should be mostly rocks over there, there's the aquarium in Genoa if you're interested, I've been there years ago, its very pretty. For beaches I still suggest looking at the eastern coast, just because I'm more familiar. Near where I live now there's Senigallia, I know it's very popular, and for like a lifetime I've been at places a bit further north than here near Rimini. All these places have what's called the blue flag which is a thing given to the cleanest beaches.
  3. Sakura Alexia


    Well I mostly know a couple on the adriatic sea (the right side of the country that is), not the other one, but seems the southern you go the cleaner the water gets. I mostly require beaches with sand due to my condition, but I know there are some with rocks too so it comes down to personal preference. I wouldn't suggest going to Genoa or around there, they make you pay the air you breathe there.
  4. New mini comic of my fanfiction, Digital Reincarnation.
  5. Maybe one of the reasons why I love a certain character is that I'm just as bad as her at emotions.
  6. My creative work being appreciated, and even better when it inspires someone else, makes me feel like I'm doing something right. And I love seeing works about my favorite fictional characters, they always put a smile on my face.
  7. You're not going to ruin my good mood with your words of jealousy.
  8. This is nothing yet, I have many more pretty things coming.
  9. Am I gonna cry tears of happiness? Probably? What are you all doing to me?
  10. Now now, best is a little much XD The blood is very scenic, it did its purpose.
  11. Disease crawing through her veins... Tw: blood.
  12. "It was the blade of someone that killed for fun, before I got it, it's pretty, but who's to say it suits me?" she asks. "In the end am I not doing the same thing?"
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