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  1. Low effort Glimmet couple + some crystals
  2. Some people really draw you to violence.
  3. I said it in the discord, but legit I have not found anything worth reading in years on FFN. Doesn't help that my fandoms are rather small there too. Archive seems better, but I do find lots of crap there too, badly worded stuff, general stuff of terrible taste and I'm pretty sure I've run in a number of AI bullshit fics too. My current process is, if you wanna read something decent, do it yourself, can't trust others to do it.
  4. I wish some luck would come my way for a change.
  5. You never know how many drawing you've done until most of them are sitting before you.
  6. I may finally be considering opening actual commissions?? Maybe...
  7. Giddy. Also a little incredulous too.
  8. Giving a small tribute to Nier Replicant's anniversary with the best sisters.
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