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  1. He was chasing cheese and the latest cheese roll competition.
  2. @AquilaTempestas As an English teacher that specializes in writing, I think writing quality has declined in general. it’s hard to talk about fandoms because I left most of mine a few years ago so I don’t read much fanfiction anymore even though I still write it. The thing I’ve noticed that most public schools they don’t teach writing the way I was taught, and it might be because at least in the United States, the restrictions are pretty strict. It might’ve also been because I was lucky enough to go to a private school in a good area. Longer novels are also in decline, and schools have been teaching shorter stories from what I’ve heard. I don’t know why that is, but I can think of a number of factors. One is that the rise of social media (especially those that don’t use writing) and very short form writing on the Internet among other things has led to decreased attention span. And even if you’re a good reader, reading and writing stories requires focus. Another is the ease of self publishing, but there’s not really a filter to let someone know that it is not good writing or that’s something else is wrong. So the better writers that probably would go to fanfiction to practice or at least get their muse out if they chose not to write professionally are probably going to those sites. And that brings down the writing quality overall. There is an entire genre based off of video games for example and most of it’s indie fiction. I’m willing to bet that had this not existed, a lot of those writers would have stuck to fanfiction. It’s not necessarily bad that many people might’ve chosen to become indie authors instead, but it’s definitely different and harder for the fanfiction writers that remain. The final thing I was thinking of was long-term goals. Writing by itself it’s just not a stable career, even though it’s possible to make a good career out of it. And especially with the rise of STEM, people that might have used fanfiction to express themselves or practice for a career probably were encouraged to turn to other interests. And it’s especially the case because you cannot legally make money on it, so there’s a little practical return unless you’re OK with it being a hobby. And the increase in stem over writing is something I do have strong feelings about, especially because I was someone that practiced my skills using fanfiction at the same time I was learning how to write professionally and eventually went into it as a career (combined with teaching and almost all my teaching is in writing) but that’s neither here nor there. There might be a chance for better writing and reading to make a comeback, especially stem probably gets over saturated, but it has to go through a dark age first.
  3. @AquilaTempestas I recently moved from Wisconsin to North Carolina (currently living in Kannapolis but hoping to settle down in one of the bigger cities; unsure where). In July I have been there a year and in September I will have been fully a legal resident there for year. As for other places: Almost all of the continental United States (I think over half but I was trying to remember where I had not been specifically, but could not), I went to Spain, Costa Rica (I also taught there), the Bahamas and Canada. I’ve also been to England briefly, but it was just in route to Spain. i’d love to go back to Europe though.
  4. @Stubborn Saber I had a feeling that would happen, but I was hoping not… I’m sorry this happened to you and thank you for hosting this RP for as long as you did. Also, thank you for private messaging the overall ideas. If I ever make a tribute to this RP, I will be sure to let you know. Thanks again for all the fun, and it was a great ride!
  5. @AquilaTempestas this is kind of a review I posted on a different site. It’s before the epilogue released but it had been leaked before that so I knew what it was. It’s long, so I am putting it in its own post: I am finishing up **Pokémon Violet and Scarlet DLC part two!** and want to give my final thoughts. It’s a little bit early, but I’m expecting to get done this week and I’m not waiting around for the epilogue (having seen it from people that got it early, but still interested in trying to do it when it comes out). I think they are still fantastic games, but they really highlight the problems with the series overall, including with its fanbase, and I can’t give them any higher than a 7 out of 10 even with the DLC and having completed almost everything a solo player can complete. Where is it feels like Brillant diamond and Shining pearl overcompensated for leaving things similar to the older games, this game goes in the opposite direction, or at least it feels like it. My main issue is that the amount of enjoyment you get from these two games depends on how much you’ve done with the previous games in the series. If you’ve done everything or close to everything in the previous games, there’s not much exclusive to these games that will catch your interest. If there’s a lot you haven’t done in the previous games, or you just haven’t visited the series for a while, this is great because almost everything is accessible. For me, I was the middle of the road, having almost 100% or did 100% a lot of the previous games, but there were a couple things I weren’t able to do that I was able to do here. I got about 800 hours because of it, but I was still left unsatisfied because some of the things I’d grown up with were gone in a game that really could have really benefited from them because of the accessibility. For example, the battle frontier is missing in favor of what happens in the second DLC. And what happens in the second DLC is nice, but it doesn’t replace it, mainly because it does not scale to the player’s level and it’s possible to either get completely destroyed or completely destroy foes. It’s also required for story progression, when it is not in previous games. As a result, going to the DLC with anything other than a somewhat optimized team is extremely ill advised. And if someone that likes to make weird teams, that’s pretty frustrating because I’m finding out there are effectively locked off from the second DLC. Normally, I’m a player that wouldn’t care about the battle facilities because they weren’t accessible to someone that was kind of halfway between competitive and casual, but with the accessibility I was really looking forward to trying them on my own, but the game denied me that chance. This is one of my biggest gripes, but there’s other things too. There’s areas that obviously feel unfinished, with the biggest being in the performance. I was lucky because I only got some lag and thankfully did not get motion sickness that some people were reporting. But it was really frustrating, especially when I tried to play online for the little bit that I did. I also didn’t like the way Pokémon are encountered here because they were sometimes hard to find, no way to turn off encounters, and there was no way to call them to you like there was in previous games. I also wouldn’t mind if trainers did that, but only after you completed the game because there’s some side quests related to it. There is also some story bits that also feel unfinished, or that something got skipped. It normally wouldn’t be such a problem in Pokémon games, but this one is particularly story heavy, so it really shows (it also continues in the epilogue, unfortunately). Also, playing the second DLC in single player is not particularly fun. It’s way too slow, and although I was lucky enough to get it all, it was mainly due to my schedule at the time and nothing else (working as a remote tutor that didn’t require a camera or audio and doing it during idle hours as the semester wrapped up, but also having Christmas break and having a lot of time to work on that). And because it doesn’t specifically require many battles, there’s a wonder as to why there at all. The region itself is a slog to get through, especially because even though it’s supposed to be open world, the lack of level scaling and obstacles that are there and surmountable only after the player unlocks a certain ability make it so really isn’t. It’s interesting to try the different battles with different teams, but it’s hard doing anything but that. The reason is that the cities are basically dead, and there’s almost no dungeons that the player can go through. A lot of areas look similar so it’s easy to get lost, and mainly going from boss battle because of the way the game is structured is rather tedious. It’s a shame because the game has some of, if not the best, battles I’ve seen in the series, and one of the most hauntingly beautiful areas I’ve seen in all of gaming (the last area on the main game, for anyone wondering), but it just wasn’t executed well. But there’s some good parts too. The characters and storyline is among the best I’ve seen in the Pokémon game, especially if one goes out of their way to get the individual storylines wrapped up in the second DLC. And as I’ve mentioned before, the battles are excellent. Not to mention that for players that are willing to put up with the issues, I loved what they did with the second DLC, and it remains so far only the second time I have completed the competitive areas in a Pokémon game despite playing for over 20 years. The soundtrack was also fantastic, especially for the DLC tracks harkening back to the older games. So in the end, it’s hard to rate this in comparison to the rest of the series. It’s a solid game, but it feels like a skeleton of what could’ve been. I originally placed as second best, just behind Black and White 2 with everything unlocked. But once I got to the second DLC and things I’ve done before, it probably fell down to around the middle of the pack. So time will tell what the final rating is, especially if there’s more involving in the older games or anything that tries to mix in older mechanics with newer things more. But I think the main issue is that it highlights the problems with the Pokémon community as a whole. The first thing being the leakers. There wasn’t a lot of official information revealed before the games came out, so people were hungry for leaks, myself included. While some of these leaks did come true, a lot of them didn’t, so people set themselves up for disappointment, again, myself included. I think that’s an issue with the developers as much as the players themselves because they didn’t reveal much, but still have to strike balance between revealing too much or not enough. And I don’t think that balance was struck at all and there was definitely something missing. I think Pokémon‘s other issue is that it’s one of the few Nintendo franchises that tries to appeal to both competitive and casual audiences, including people in the middle of the road, and I feel like it didn’t really satisfy either entirely. There was definitely a lot that helped competitive players, but there wasn’t an area where they could go and practice and a lot of things are gone. Casual players wouldn’t really like the catering to competitive players at the expensive of other staples, because they still had to deal with aspects of previous games being gone areas being relatively empty. I would’ve liked to see a dungeon or facility from the older games (something like the old Victory Roads or the final dungeon of the postgame in Black 2/White 2), but that never happened. So it left me feeling quite disappointed, even though I still enjoyed the game and will always be a Pokémon fan (not least of which because there is really no other middle of the road monster catchers coming from someone that’s tried pretty much all of them). I am interested in excited to see what happens in the future, but at the same time I am wondering if it will continuously have issues and how well it will do overall.
  6. @AquilaTempestas There’s some nice stuff, but a bit disappointed. I liked what was there, but not the barrier to entry to go get it. A lot of the DLC is locked behind errands and little sidequests (not the story though) and you are a solo player, they’re extremely tedious to complete. Completion of these quests does not carryover for any future runs either. There’s also the fact that the equivalent of the battle facility (of which there is no proper one) is required a completion for the story. If you have a team built up for that, like my maxed out one on the violet version, then you’re good to go. If you don’t, like my challenge runs on my scarlet version, then it’s extremely frustrating. There’s also fact that parts of the story still not resolved or told poorly, even with the epilogue and animated short that goes with it telling more (go to mystery gift after completing the DLC to access that). don’t get me wrong; I like what was there and don’t regret getting the DLC, and the battles are still the best in the series. But it just could’ve been a lot better and there’s still issues overall in the games that it doesn’t really fix. Most of the characters get a good sendoff, but others feel incomplete. It sounds like there might still be a little bit with them with the ongoing anime, but I suppose we have to wait for the end of this month to see what’s going to happen (I’ve heard rumors that there might still be a movie tiein, but considering rumors have been wrong before I’m not sure how much I believe that. right now, I’m considering finishing up a little bit more on scarlet and violet that unlocked with the DLC. The region is a slog to get through though, so I don’t know how long I’m going to be doing that. Not to mention I have about 800 hours on the game. I’m also working on getting every Pokémon game on the switch completed or at least attempted before February, and I’m almost done with stadium 2. After that there will be a couple challenges on the trading card game and then I’m done. It’s been a great run, but there’s definitely a mixed feelings.
  7. Probably wizard. Cyrus is strong and looks physically powerful, yes, but he never does anything that suggests physical power. He’s more of a schemer in the background, and if not for some unaccounted variables, his plans would have succeeded. Not to mention platinum outright states that he is pretty intelligent, so it would make sense. His team choices also reflect that, with his Pokémon being more ones that can whittle the player down (dark and poison typing) or strike unexpectedly (Weavile, with its blindingly fast speed, and I don’t think the player has fought it before him) than brute force. So I think the wizard reflects that best.
  8. Students arguing with me. You're free to politely disagree with my tutoring feedback or choose not to use it or make any corrections, and if I'm wrong on something I will gladly acknowledge it, but starting a fight because you don't like what or want to listen to what I'm saying won't get you anywhere and will get you reported to the administration instead (which can have some pretty severe consequences depending on how badly things went). Not to mention making both of us stressed out…
  9. People, if your final semester project is due in a few hours at the latest and you only have half of it done at most, do not come to me. I will not be able to help you very much, if it all. Signed, A pretty frustrated language arts tutor during finals who gets ticked off instantly when the above situation happens.
  10. 1. AquilaTempestas 2. Mine 3. Wizarmon 4. ChatGTP 5. Sakura Alexia 6. Nirianne 7. CarmineDeer 8. Moonblossoms 9. Nocturna 10. Ace of Spies
  11. Kind of hilarious that no one figured out mine! I was a bit afraid of that because I use a special program to dictate so I couldn't do the game normally and had to use a computer font, although I did have a smaller sample of what my handwriting would have actually looked like. But then I realized that I didn't tell anyone that I used that program, so there was a chance no one would guess. It turns out the second part was right. Ended up tricking everyone unintentionally…
  12. @Queen of Spies 1. AquilaTempestas 2. Sakura Alexia 3. Mine 4. Ace of Spies 5. CarmineDeer 6. Nirianne 7. Inyoface
  13. @AlaeMortis Is this something we have to make something original for or can we use a previous excerpt?
  14. @AlaeMortis 1. Mine 2. Moonblossoms 3. CarmineDeer 4. AquilaTempest 5. Wizardmonfan 6. Noctura 7. Narinee 8. SakuraAlexia 9. AceofSpies Apologies for the username misspellings… it was easier for me to type them out and my spelling is terrible… Also, I do not recognize who wrote the Final Fantasy writing, but kudos to them! I love that series!
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