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  1. Happy Birthday my brother.

  2. @AquilaTempestasdo you have plans to extend the list later with more song recommendations?
  3. I did. no clue when i was a kid but i do now with the online game. Also played the trading card game on gameboy was fun.
  4. Been a while here are some new manga recommendations Solo Leveling - god tier drawing with a great story might be my fav manga currently. One punch man - also god tier drawings, visuals carry the story telling if you look carefully at each panel. The second coming of gluttony - been reading novel the manga adaptation is pretty good. Highly recommend The Legendary moonlight sculptor - Currently on break til 2022 but still a good read, drawings improve with each season good read if you are looking for a gaming manga. Skeleton Soldier couldnt protect the dungeon - I am up to date very dark plot for those that enjoy the darker tone. Has some excellent side characters. Dungeon Reset - no comment just read it lol
  5. Reading two novels. Second coming of Gluttony - Protagonist is scum but slowly being a better person and repenting. 8/10 ....... 300 chapters in so far Rankers return - gaming revenge story. Been enjoying this imensely but wish "Gang" the protagonist wasnt so brain dead when it somes to being hit on................................................................. but still very fun and decent translation of the korean novel i am up to date and reading every update which is frequent. 8.5/10 600+ chapters in. SSS class suicide Hunter - timetravel revenge story....................Probably the best of the lot with some excellent arcs, highly recommend wont spoil better going in blind even if title hints at something. 9/10 200+ chapters read so far
  6. Been reading alot recently and found Ebooks very convenient plus adjusting size of font is good on the eyes, if net goes down its a nigtmare though........................
  7. They are to scared to do full on open world, not sure why but if its a level thing that could be sorted by completing quests to have wild pokemon spawn and proper levels. Overall i like the concept but scared there wont be to much to it then just collecting pokemon,but this a new experiment so wait and see. I am happy to be surprised.
  8. Have not played this but tempted to try
  9. Got 4 badges rocking with Torterra Crobat Rampardos Jirachi Houndoom Altaria Dont know why not really feeling this run, tempted to soft reset but i do have pearl as well could start anew there and come back to diamond later.
  10. Happy Birthday older twin!!!

  11. clearly they could cut alot of corners to be able to afford the significant upgrades in the graphics, looks stunning.
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