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  1. I did. no clue when i was a kid but i do now with the online game. Also played the trading card game on gameboy was fun.
  2. Been a while here are some new manga recommendations Solo Leveling - god tier drawing with a great story might be my fav manga currently. One punch man - also god tier drawings, visuals carry the story telling if you look carefully at each panel. The second coming of gluttony - been reading novel the manga adaptation is pretty good. Highly recommend The Legendary moonlight sculptor - Currently on break til 2022 but still a good read, drawings improve with each season good read if you are looking for a gaming manga. Skeleton Soldier couldnt protect the dungeon - I am up to date very dark plot for those that enjoy the darker tone. Has some excellent side characters. Dungeon Reset - no comment just read it lol
  3. Reading two novels. Second coming of Gluttony - Protagonist is scum but slowly being a better person and repenting. 8/10 ....... 300 chapters in so far Rankers return - gaming revenge story. Been enjoying this imensely but wish "Gang" the protagonist wasnt so brain dead when it somes to being hit on................................................................. but still very fun and decent translation of the korean novel i am up to date and reading every update which is frequent. 8.5/10 600+ chapters in. SSS class suicide Hunter - timetravel revenge story....................Probably the best of the lot with some excellent arcs, highly recommend wont spoil better going in blind even if title hints at something. 9/10 200+ chapters read so far
  4. Been reading alot recently and found Ebooks very convenient plus adjusting size of font is good on the eyes, if net goes down its a nigtmare though........................
  5. They are to scared to do full on open world, not sure why but if its a level thing that could be sorted by completing quests to have wild pokemon spawn and proper levels. Overall i like the concept but scared there wont be to much to it then just collecting pokemon,but this a new experiment so wait and see. I am happy to be surprised.
  6. Have not played this but tempted to try
  7. Got 4 badges rocking with Torterra Crobat Rampardos Jirachi Houndoom Altaria Dont know why not really feeling this run, tempted to soft reset but i do have pearl as well could start anew there and come back to diamond later.
  8. Happy Birthday older twin!!!

  9. apparantly still alpha male, my ego has been stroked lol.
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