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  1. Ouuu that's a shame. This was one of my favs. Totally understandable though.
  2. "One does not say 'fascinating' and 'prepare for an attack' just as we're being attacked!" Dylan says with worry as the warden moves. "Should we get ready? Can these things be bargained with? What would be the protocol for 'we're being raided by a bunch of dread knights ripped off some fantasy book'?
  3. Seeing how the boss of the madhouse was getting on the nerves of Florence, Dylan intervenes. "Ah but you see here," he said, gesturing to the other inmate, "my friend and I were just wondering how delightful would be to deal in this weed duty you mention. Do we grow it here or might it come from the outside I wonder?" It was a long shot, maybe even a bit obvious, but any information about the logistics of the island could give them an edge if they were really going to plan an escape.
  4. "Ah, well. You see, I've always been better with words than something so crude as a fight." Dylan starts before grunting and following Sebastian out of the warden's house. "But hey, if this means I'm done cleaning the toilets, I'm all for it."
  5. (Sorry for the delay xD) "That's great. Come on, we just need to keep moving and find the others." Danta explained as he gently pulled Azure away from the scene. As they passed by the small kitchen and the horrifying scene of Hanako's death, Dante had a thought. "Just give me 5 seconds, okay? I need to do something first real quick." he said, leading her friend to a nearby chair and facing away from the kitchen door. Once done that, Dante ventured next to Hanako's body. "I'm sorry." was all he managed to say to the remains of his friend. There wasn't much else to say, or at least not under the current circumstances they were in. He noticed the black ooze coming of her mouth and started to wonder. If each of them had a form of the parasite, maybe it would help if he took some of Hanako's? With this in mind, he paid his respects and began looking for something to safely collect the ooze
  6. "Interesting choice of words, saying "fine" and "life" to describe this place" Dylan thought as the sound reached his ears as Sebastian went for the window. "Does this usually happen?" the con man asked cautisouly.
  7. RP update when you get the chance

  8. Getting into the tabletop version of Warhammer That shit is expensive af but the minis are so cool. I got some minis from a starter set and they're awesome ngl. Most recent favorite movie?
  9. "Ah, so they really did shake up things here when they came to this place." The con man thought, considering the words of the man in front of him. A myriad of posibilites came to his mind about why he was being told about the history of the island and the fate of its previous denizens. "Do I believe in God?" Dylan chuckled as Sebastian finished his tale. He needed more time to figure out the leader's angle on the matter. "Well, I'd be lying if I said I did. Because really, if something as a "mighty and benevolent" as a deity really is controlling our fates and dictating our every move, that would mean we were always meant to be in this... particular predicament you call home, wouldn't it?" There was some truth to his statement. While Dylan wasn't exactly the religious type, he always credited his good fortune while conducting his less-than-legal business to some form of superior power. "Now let's see what this is really about, Sebastian. Show me your cards here, mate." he thought.
  10. "Ah, I was wondering when you realized the mistake of keeping someone as resourceful as myself in cleaning duties" Dylan started as he entered the place. As he did though, he took the time to observe the office of the apparent leader of the island, looking for anything useful for his masterfully crafted escape plan. "To what do I owe the honor of being in your presence, my liege." he did an exagerated bow before making himself comfortable in the seating Sebastian gestured.
  11. RP post when ready!

  12. Hey! Welcome to TAZland yo!
  13. So, I'm gonna use this thread for a small poll fo you before starting the new RP and maybe opening it to others who might want to play. I reduced the gamelines to 3, based on complexity and terms to catch up. These are the potential games we can do; Vampire: The Requiem - You play one of the undead, relentlessly hunting for the essence of mortality to sustain yourself. Changeling: The Lost - You play as a victim of an alien being, snatched up and altered in the Hedge, escaped and returned to a world that no longer recognizes you. Geist: The Sin Eater - You play as one who has died and made a deal with an incarnation of death itself to live again. This ofc is a very sumarized gist for each game lol. Each of these have their own plot and stuff to do. Just let me know which one caught your eye, and if you have any questions just hit me on discord
  14. Sure! I'll lay down the possible options we can run with later today so I can ready an info doc about the general gist of the chosen game and what's all that about. Also! Gonna set character sheets in the Additions section for references, and for important stuff to remember as the story progresses
  15. OOOOO I'm so sorry about this one y'all. Honestly I lost all my notes about this RP, and as I delved more into the Chronicles of Darkness actual rules and mechanics I kept saying 'sure, I can make new notes'... then ofc, that never happened. Honestly I can't possibly ask you to stick around after literally a year of no updates. I say we close this rp and, if y'all want, now that I have more knowledge about the source material of this particular rp, start another a much cleaner, focused new one.
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