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  1. Seeing how the boss of the madhouse was getting on the nerves of Florence, Dylan intervenes. "Ah but you see here," he said, gesturing to the other inmate, "my friend and I were just wondering how delightful would be to deal in this weed duty you mention. Do we grow it here or might it come from the outside I wonder?" It was a long shot, maybe even a bit obvious, but any information about the logistics of the island could give them an edge if they were really going to plan an escape.
  2. RP update when you get the chance

  3. Oh my, I'm seeing the next themes for the rest of the year. Quite intrigued to listen to what y'all be sharing then
  4. Getting into the tabletop version of Warhammer That shit is expensive af but the minis are so cool. I got some minis from a starter set and they're awesome ngl. Most recent favorite movie?
  5. Oh boy , aight lets try do this lol. Curious - I reealized that on a subconscious level, whenever ANYTHING piques my interest, my first reaction is to take my phone and google about it. There have been reports (mainly family and friends) of me going into my phone for hours looking into a topic and literally ignoring everyone around me, even at parties lmao. Apparently my mind gets hungry quite often xD Humorous - Maybe this one is actually a culture thing tbh (cause I'm mexican), but I was raised to see everything as a joke or a light-hearted situation at worst. It's really REALLY difficult to make me upset or angry at someone. Plus, my sense of humor is pretty basic so I'll crack a smile at most things. Yes, even puns lol Creative - This one is my main thing, and not always a good one lol. See, as some of you know, I'm a writer starting to get his career up there. Thing is, while my writing skills are starting to develop, my mind is constantly creating new story seeds EVERYTIME. It's actually getting to the point where I need to have like a mini notebook on me all the time so I write them down or I'll get a massive headache for the rest of the day. It's awesome cause I never ran out of ideas, but bad cause I NEED to write them down in the moment. I'm weird like that I guess lol. Upbeat - I do consider myself to be quite optimistic about life. No matter how grimm a situation can be, I alway try to look the bright side of things. I got a quote from a show (can't remember the name atm) but it was something like "Be the chaos you want to see in the world". I live by it, and no regrets so far. I see no point in dwelling in the bad things, and I believe our time here is so short the best we can do is leave this place better than when we found it Introverted - Yep, intro af. I much rather having a small circle of friends than a much larger one. Mainly because I'm lazy af so less friends means less people to keep track of, but also because I get kind of anxious with big crowds. And yes, I find it way easier to make friends online than irl
  6. RP post when ready!

  7. Hey! Welcome to TAZland yo!
  8. Rp post when you get a chance!

  9. Happy birthday Lord of Chaos!

  10. RP update when you can (are you going to update yours as well? Keen)

  11. I have!! Freaking awesome band lmaoo. Didn't expect they release anything Warhammer related tho. Pleasant surprise ngl
  12. new Blind Guardian - the secrets of the American gods

  13. I wonder if a magic class will be worth in this game? I mean I did completed DS3 as a pyromancer and a cleric, but I almost didn't finished the game as a mage lol.
  14. Rp update when you have the time

  15. What is this my elven eyes see? For real though, who do I have to blame for "Warrior, my warrior, they're calling out your name" being stuck in my head for the next 2 weeks lmaooo Love the vibe of the song ngl. I was almost tempted to get my battle axe to work lol.
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