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  1. Has anyone here played Pokemon Crystal Kaizo? Its a difficulty hack with all pokemon. And to give you a clue of the difficulty, the first rival battle was my level 9 Cyndaquil vs his level 6 Totodile with water gun and I had to use four potions. He used a full restore and a max potion. Without potions it would have 2KO'd me. Never go ANYWHERE without healing items in this game. 

    1. onewiththewheels


      I've seen runs of it, but thought it didn't look very fun. How is it? Do you know what the 252th Pokémon is?

    2. Nocturna


      I haven't played much of it at all so I don't know. I saw a nuzlocke screenshot run but they stopped before that pokemon.

      Its slightly frustrating so far though with wild pokemon having unpredictable moves. Like early on a Poliwag with Bubblebeam (Thank God I'm not doing a nuzlocke) and a Cleffa with Sweet Kiss and Metronome. The latter's more dangerous with Sweet Kiss though, it got a critical hit with Iron Tail and it literally dealt 1 hp damage. There's an early route with all the starters though so that helps.

      But I've seen in the nuzlocke run that enemy Pokemon go over level 100 after Clair. So lots of grinding will be needed. At least I'll be able to get a Mareep though unlike in normal Crystal >_> 

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