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  1. ordered myself Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility off the second-hand shop, had a good time with it last night. Decided to write a courtesy review, ended up putting 20 minutes into a nearly 500 word review. 

    Uh... Anyhow, fun game. 

    1. AquilaTempestas


      How does it compare to the other games in the series?

    2. Nocturna


      I haven't made much more progress honestly but it's fun, just some of the mechanics are a bit weird compared to the older games. In older Harvest Moon games, one bag of seed usually plant as a 3 x 3 grid but in Tree of Tranquility, they plant in a 1 x 6 straight line. So I wasted a bag of seeds expecting it to be the same lol and had to reload my save. 

      Stamina is a pain to begin with but it'll be less annoying as you upgrade tools and there's items you can use to improve your max stamina (but you need to work for them). Last time I played, I stayed up getting to floor 30 in the first mine for one of those items and it was... Frustrating but rewarding when I eventually got there lmao 

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