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  1. Hey you're alive! Long time no see!

    1. Cosmic Creator

      Cosmic Creator

      Hey Aquila ! Yeah sorry for the long absence.

      Any good topic I could join ? Kinda lost as it's been more than 2 years. I'm on a screenwriting master in London right now, so sharing some writing chops with some peeps would be dope 

    2. AquilaTempestas


      No worries! Have a look around - each section has a description which could cover what each part covers. There should be something that tickles your fancy

  2. I really don't know what to say ... The fact that Disney didn't think of selling the studio to another company is really frustrating. That must mean they still find some Ip's to be valuable for their Disney + library, but sacrificing the wonderful atmosphere that was in that studio, it's hard workers .... I just can't Hopefully they can all find a place at Pixar and Disney Animation, but seriously, I would have preferred for them to sell the studio. Regarding the project on Disney +, they announced it to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary. I think the Buck Wild project is the one and only in the works, but we still have no news if it's a movie, a mini-series or a series... Still not backing down though, this franchise still remains in my filmmaking goals. Once I get some other projects out of the ground, I'll do anything to make that thing happen.
  3. Hey Happy Birthday! :D

    Have a good one today!

  4. Really liked those snippets from Nirianne / Josh / Karry Lynne , shout out to the three of you . It's just filled with so much atmosphere and personality that it's inspiring me for real. Here's a snippet of mine : She stopped right there It came from down there … down below A leg stretched towards the abyss … Her left paw clinging hard on the tip of the cliff. Sweet chills … Cold was back once again … Down there … Downhill was the answer Slowly …. Eyes … Dropping .. Below . - SHIRA ! A blow brushed the foe on her left. Such force was it So strange So powerful The body fell Joining the Maelstrom Down there Down below …. Gone forever
  5. There's a lot of potential in it. At least for a conclusive story. It ties the bow nicely by returning to the Franchise's roots
  6. Hey Cosmic! Hope you have a great one today! (or yesterday depending on the difference between our time zones lol) ^_^


  7. I can't recommend enough to you Kaptain Kristian. Production level is over the roof here and an incredibly underrated guy. It's hard to describe his content, but just try one of his videos and I guarentee you'll be hooked !
  8. I got tons, by I'll share this one : The spider pit scene in King Kong 2003 I remembered watching it when I was ten, and that scene was just painful and terrifying to Watch. Looking back at it now, It's just genius to watch : Just before you thought that the flare would protect them long enough, it goes out, and then horror issues. It doesn't have a loud and dramatic score, it doesn't hold back, and only hearing the characters struggling to survive, the realistic sound design for the bugs that goes under you skin, and the discreet soundtrack gives you a masterful example of great filmmaking. Hell, Andy Serkis and Jack Black's performances alone sells this scene
  9. You mention the prospect of the sabers having kids, and I do agree that the demand for it is very noticeable on the net, but I believe it comes second in terms of amount of demand compared to the prospect of the kid returning. YouTube demonstrates that alone when you see the top comments asking for the return of humans, especially Roshan. What do you think ?
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