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Status Updates posted by AquilaTempestas

  1. Grrr Mondays. Why weekend go by so fast?

  2. Filing assessments is a bitch. Took me over an hour this morning. Blegh.

  3. My loneliness is killin' me (and I)/I must confess, I still believe (still believe)

  4. Back to work tomorrow, gross

  5. Heading back home today from the US. I’ll be back within a year! 

  6. That was the greasiest naan bread I’ve ever had 

  7. “What do you like about LA?” We asked the Uber driver.

    ”It sucks,” he said.

  8. HYPE LEVELS HIGH! Nervous, but I'm getting excited for vacation!

  9. Well, airpod issue fixed 

  10. Whatever excitement I had is now gone 

  11. Now go to sleep, bitch! Die, motherfucker, die!

  12. For the night is dark and full of terror!

  13. And I don't know what the fuck that you rhyme for You're pointless as Rapunzel with fuckin' cornrows

  14. Wattpad writing makes me feel good about my own writing 

  15. Sometimes I feel totally incompetent at my job : (

  16. Mhmm, baby. Let's go Down Under.

  17. Will this torment ever end?

    1. Dementor


      That's what I wonder too.

  18. My powers in losing friends is truly astounding

    1. Dementor


      I guess I could compete.

  19. Classic Sydney at it again with stabbings and violence 

  20. All I wanna do Is make love to you

  21. Last day of work for the term woohoo

  22. Fuck that was hot 

    1. Ace of Spies

      Ace of Spies

      You've been so weird on this forum lately lmao

    2. AquilaTempestas


      Don't know what you're talking about - the weather is pretty darn hot! (Shifty eyes) 

  23. I’m enjoying this  a lot. Looking forward to the real deal 

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