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  1. He grins. "Yes, still odd." His grin fades. "Lance is making progress. Despite his complaints and tantrums, he does learn quite easily. Dawn did have to prod him with the hot iron rod a few times though... I guess that worked."
  2. Cyrus frowns. "...Now that... is odd. You angels are strange people." He continues to frown at you. "I suppose he's learned his lesson then. At the end of the day, you are still human to an extent."
  3. He shrugs. ”Of course I did. I didn’t expect you to want to leave so soon. You can’t go anywhere without Steven and Siebold.” Steven appears a few moments later. ”…Well, Siebold.”
  4. You head off to Cyrus’s private jet place. It’s easy to find as it’s on a hill. Cyrus is there. ”You’re back.”
  5. "Right. That's all you really need I guess for the demons." Morty closes his eyes and makes himself comfortable on the couch. "Meanwhile, I'm going to sleep. See you when you get back."
  6. "He's got time still," Morty says. Caitlin signs. "And how's that controlling self coming along? I don't think anyone here feels safe with him around." "You just get to deal with some demons first. I guess you're taking Siebold with you."
  7. He nods. "Well, I can help you with other stuff - just not demons... and vampires though I could turn them to our cause...." "Too unreliable," Caitlin says. "You could take Lance with you for the vampires - he's your best bet. They can't touch him."
  8. He shrugs. "Well, you're the one with all the power and the one who can hold the weapon. Not like the rest of us could do anything even if wanted too. But I trust you'll be fine. We'll hold the fort down. Where's the rest of the group anyway?"
  9. All things related to Diablo can go here. The games are pretty similar and there's a lot of crossover so it's all in one. Diablo 1 still has a fantastic trailer: But Diablo IV is now available everywhere. What builds are you going? What class did you start with? @Wizarmonfan @VectorLogic @TJMike
  10. Morty nods. "Yup! You can't take me to fight demons. That's your speciality - you and the other blondie."
  11. Caitlin nods. ”And there’s nothing to stop Ghetsis from going after the rest of us. He might spare Cynthia but he wouldn’t do the same for us.” Malva pulls Siebold aside. “Well, we have to see if any damage was done. See if it works properly still.” ”What?” She sighs and drags him away. “…Clueless as always…” you hear her say. ”Now we wait for the rest of the crew to arrive…. And then we need to deal with Lysandre. Well, some of you will deal with him,” Morty remarks lying down on the couch.
  12. Morty nods. ”Fair enough I suppose. I just think… if he wanted you dead, he would’ve done so already.”
  13. “Does he know what you really are?” Siebold frowns. “He could try and convince you to join his cause.”
  14. “Do you think he would though? Aren’t you also related somehow? He doesn’t have a reason to kill you.” Siebold sighs. “Evil doesn’t need a reason to kill. They just do.”
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