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  1. Song for the day - A Man by Cypress Hill
  2. Coughing so hard I’m almost vomiting. It’s gonna be a long hard day. Hang in there, body. Please don’t fail me.
  3. That moment when you debate using a sick day or not
  4. Sitting here at work wondering how I’m going to survive the day. Really am not in the mood for staff parities.
  5. My body has given up on me. Still gotta drag myself to work for two more days and then it will all be over. Feel like hell at the moment - past 24 hours have not been good.
  6. Mentally and physically exhausted. 

  7. Hypocrites. Do you really need to project using a billboard?
  8. Have I ever mentioned how perfectly executed sarcasm is just so... goddamn gorgeous? Man, it's so wonderful to see sarcasm so perfectly executed and the receiving person has no idea they're being mocked and torn apart. So hot. I love sarcasm above all.
  9. Beautiful sarcasm, especially when the person on the receiving end is being played for a fool. Music to my ears.
  10. Feeling a bit sick from the double vaccinations yesterday that have left me feeling tired, sluggish, sore and mentally exhausted. My brain is not functioning at full capacity - for example, I walked to the wrong room this morning for work, almost fell asleep then missed out on a clear joke in a passage of text that I normally would've picked up on immediately. Being unwell sucks. My brain has put 'sarcasm' on low today as it takes up too much energy.
  11. What a talent with words. Beautiful. Simply breathtaking.
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