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  3. You're not wrong about people going over the top with tags. That said I can tell very quickly if it's something I'd want to read just by looking at the tags as there's a lot of stuff I wouldn't go anywhere near. It's frankly disturbing what people write about never mind the fact people seem to want to read it. FFN I think is on the road to nowhere. It's not what it once was though I've been lucky and have had only one really bad experience with FFN but that was years ago. I've been posting a little on AO3 and it's okay. Nightmare to find anything though. FFN isn't that much better. It's what you get used to I suppose.
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  5. Downside with the tagging system is that there is no limit imposed. Sometimes you get tags longer than the actual story itself. It's a real eye sore on mobiles especially. They need to have limits. I never go over 10 tags.
  6. Annoyed. When you think you have time to do some stuff but then a relative notifies you last minute that you actually don't. FFS
  7. Maybe I don't suck at smite as much as I thought, or maybe I was just lucky.
  8. I still favor AO3 over FFN, I had too much toxicity reach me for no reason on FFN and a lot of us too, that when it turned to drama it was there for everyone to see al well. The tagging system allows you to create custom tags too, I made some of couples that were never made, and doesn't limit the number of couples or characters you can add, while in FFN in some fandoms like mine, many characters aren't even selectable, and you have to get throught the entire process of getting the names approved and so on. Too much of a drag. I do agree there needs to be a limit on the number though cuz some people are too exagerated. You can filter in and out whatever you want, search specific things or avoid them as you please, you can moderate reviews, which is huge considering what happened to us on FFN. There's also a new feature on AO3 that allows people to mute a user, which means you won't be seeing their works on your dashboard, but they can still see yours, so like, no more weirdness should you not want it, its very nice. The only thing it lacks is a DM system for now, the many things some people on FFN reached me out for, I had a number of people asking me stuff about my stories lately which is cool, but it could be added later on I guess. Also the fact you can customize the site the way you wish is great, for example I use the norma layout but blue instead of red, compared to FFN's outdated look, and ads full crap too. From my personal experience I see more advantages on AO3 than FFN, and met better people there too.
  9. FFN doesn't give the comfort of deleting reviews, unlike Ao3 does. If the reviews have harassment, you can't delete them unless they are reviewed by guests. In the case of registered users, you just have to report them but the site takes no action. I've spent my time in FFN and it's my comfort site, but the reviews aspect is the only downside.
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  11. When a song gets stuck in your head

  12. I can't help but feel like this recently.
  13. Has anyone ever felt extremely hurt when your friend ditches you and joins another friend? I've faced this during my school days. It took so much time for me to recover from all of these. I've kept these within myself and pretended to be chill.
  14. Fortunately, my college friends aren't like that. My present peers are really good. They are way better than my school friends were. We all feel equally important to each other. Most of them feel their school days were the best. It's not the case for me. Despite my college being very stressful, I enjoy the company of my friends. I stopped being too nice to people. I've changed myself in a few ways.
  15. RIP Nicky the 13 year old cockatiel : ( Unfortunately, passed away at the vet. At least he made it to the average life expectancy : (

    1. Nirianne


      Rest in Paradise, Nicky :(

  16. Hoping my cockatiel makes it through the day : ( He's at the hospital now with breathing difficulties. I've had him for over 10 years : ( Hoping he lives!
  17. I wish for the worst of the worst to come to you, you goddamn useless person. You're a waste of space.
  18. And she placed-My thoughts are currently too hardcore for a PG forum
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