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  2. He gives you a stern look. "I never murdered anyone. I'm not a killer, Clair! Will and Bruno kept her in a room below. They... did things." There's a long pause. He looks deeply troubled. "...I wanted to get away from it all. I should've left... I had the chance too... But I didn't. I was... powerless. Afraid. Weak." He forces a sardonic laugh. "I did nothing. I could've been in a better place. But I can assure you, I never killed her. I never even touched her," he adds, looking directly into your eyes.
  3. I did the entire scarlet dlc in a day, so much for not playing so many hours anymore huh?
  4. Clair looks at Lance, hopeless and lost. "The article, Lance! The one from this afternoon that you said was entirely made-up bullshit? Every detail has been true! Will Grant, Bruno Shepherd, BOTH are former associates of yours!" If all that, including the crime and now a prison sentence was true, then it stood to reason the rest of the article was too. "How can that be a lie if everything else is true?!" Lance was involved in a homicide... she couldn't believe it. She hoped it wasn't true.
  5. That's the highest of compliments, although blatantly untrue. Still, I appreciate your kind words haha <3
  6. Looks cool! You write better than I do!
  7. He frowns at you. ”I didn’t murder anyone. They wanted to throw me into jail for assault, property damage and drug offences,” he says. A long pause then, “I’ve done things I’m not proud of, but I’ve never murdered anyone.” Another long pause. ”Prison sentences here are tough. You know it’s at least 15 years for drug possession. Five for assault. And ten for property damage. They gave me multiple charges.” He stands at your door.
  8. Clair was silent as they made their way to her room. She ushered him in and then turned to him, finally processing his words. "Prison, Lance?!" she hissed. "You were going to go to prison?! 30 years?! What the fuck did you DO?" This was just getting crazier and crazier... This is what Grandfather meant earlier when he said Lance had done things that couldn't be overlooked. Lance was going to go to jail and Grandfather... had tried to cover it up. What had he done-? The thought hit her like a brick. "Oh dragons, Lance. The article! It's all true... you... you murdered someone?"
  9. I see, hopefully I'll try to play again this evening.
  10. "I'm not... I'm not leaving them here..." she says.
  11. “We need to worry about getting you out.” A pause then, ”Gary, Clair and Caitlin can help. But you are the priority. We’ve got to move.”
  12. "And them?" she frowns. "We can't leave them here..."
  13. He picks you up. "This place is unstable. We'll have to get out fast before the caves are blocked." You notice Volkner is still bleeding out and Morty is still knocked out.
  14. It was weird! I did end up finding her again though and she's level 8... the rest of my party were still at level 6. Can't complain though. I'm about halfway through Act 2 and I'm trying to get levels. Currently at gith place after a failed showdown with the Nightsong which saw me reload an earlier save. Here's my drow when she was flirting with Astarion.
  15. Steven shrugs. ”We don’t know either. You were glowing white. Eyes. Hair. And then you just… blew up.”
  16. Last week
  17. Love these guys, this one's almost a classic at this point
  18. tickets to Wu Tang Clan and Nas, if i decide to go through with it. Lol
  19. "I..." she breathes, painfully. "I don't know... what happened..." she still doesn't move.
  20. “She’s gone. Sabrina. The witches. They just…. Disappeared,” Steven says. “Whatever you did…. Not only killed them, but removed all traces of them too.” You can just make out two wolves nearby. ”…Your light also turned them into wolves.”
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