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  1. Yesterday
  2. Well, all this walking is giving me toned ass muscles lol
  3. That was the greasiest naan bread I’ve ever had 

  4. My stomach REALLY does not like Thai milk tea now
  5. More drawings! Bulbasaur Hiding from the Rain Luvdisc Paras Hopeless Magic Rock in the Afternoon Magic Rock in the Night Serene Forest
  6. That I ought to make smarter decisions such as don’t eat at Denny’s because of grease
  7. Last week
  8. Wear comfortable shoes over fashionable shoes for a 20km walk!
  9. So, yet again, lots of sketches, haha. First wanted to say "oh, hey, there's just a little bit of my stuff" and then I started pasting every single link and it took me half an hour to finish, so... yeah. : D Some stuff, mostly sketches, and also some fanart of BL3 in the end! Just a tad bit to indulge myself hehe From 18 Feb to 20 June
  10. Sitting down at LA Airport waiting to go to Vegas
  11. “What do you like about LA?” We asked the Uber driver.

    ”It sucks,” he said.

  12. https://youtu.be/BWnxKF6-6yg?si=hXg56cAjsSnUN7-U why the hell it doesn't embed???
  13. Weed everywhere! Getting high just by walking down the street lol
  14. Eyes #1 Gym Leader OCs from 1st to 4th.
  15. At the airport trying to keep my eyes open so I don’t fall asleep and miss the flight
  16. HYPE LEVELS HIGH! Nervous, but I'm getting excited for vacation!

  17. Building your friends up. If your friends do not build up your self-esteem, they're not 'true' friends. True friends support each other through thick and thin.
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