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  2. Playing on EU servers again and having zero ping, just feels so good being able to play completely smooth games with no lag spikes. A nice change of pace. Such a shame gaming on other regional servers effects our connection so badly
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  4. "It means nothing if you can't keep a single one" she says. "One day you will no longer be a pretty boy and no woman will want you, and you'll regret everything, and I'll be here to watch that happen"
  5. Gary frowns. ”I’m not an idiot. Girls love me.” ”Except for Misty and Cynthia apparently,” Morty says with a grin. Gary sighs. “I dated celebrities at least.”
  6. "No he's an idiot" she says. "Someday one of you will be held at sword's edge, trust me"
  7. He raises his hands. ”It was stuff I said a long time ago. I don’t think like that anymore but she hasn’t forgiven me.” Morty snickers. “Good way to make someone hate you forever. Thought you were the expert on women.”
  8. She glares at him. "I am very tempted to draw my sword right here..." she threatens.
  9. He nods. ”Very well.” He pulls away. Gary sighs. “Yeah, not because of me. She can’t turn customers and money away.” ”What exactly did you say to her?” Morty says. ”A lot of things. Not even someone like Brock would date her… not even a blind man would.”
  10. "Probably not in public, something could happen" she says. "I assume she's letting us stay not because of you"
  11. Logged back into Smite yesterday, the first time in a while, and managed to get 0 kills in jungle with my 17 star Loki, but I did manage to die 6 times. I am so good at the game XD
  12. Steven reached a hand out. ”Do you mind if I touch it?” Gary walks back over. His right cheek is red. ”Well, she’s going to let us stay for a night.”
  13. "Ignore them" she just says. "Of course it is, everything is magical around us. I don't quite know what it does, but I know Arceus wanted me to have it, he sent me back right after, so whatever it is, its something powerful"
  14. Ah we went to see Grandma we did, took my brother and sister too. First time she'd seen my sister in a while, so that was a nice surprise for her
  15. Steven sighs. ”Right. I don’t know how she thinks an old ring is going to do anything though?” ”Maybe it’s enchanted.” Misty slaps Gary in the face.
  16. Ah good ol' Peter Parker, speaking of Bully Maguire:
  17. How cathartic, Tokyo Ghoul Re: Season 2 opening cover by Dress Up Town:
  18. "Please... I said I have been in a parallel world, so from who do you believe I got it from? Or rather, took it before she could use it on you?" she asks.
  19. Steven looks at the ring and raises an eyebrow. ”That was the ring I gave her for marriage. Where did you find that?”
  20. "Are you not familiar with this then?" she shows him the ring she now has.
  21. He frowns. ”I can’t be killed. Not sure how she plans to do that unless she intends to seal me in a tomb forever.” ”Well, she got away and she’ll probably try something,” Morty adds. Gary walks over to talk to Misty.
  22. "Funny, if she wasn't then why would she appear while I was gone?" she crosses her arms. "She wanted to kill you, maybe not in the same way as the other her, but things happen all the same"
  23. Steven shakes his head. ”No, not at all. She was never the scheming type. I suppose times might’ve changed…” ”I suppose I better talk to her.” Morty smirks. “You like her, don’t you?” Gary frowns. “What makes you say that?” ”Just a guess.”
  24. She ignores Morty. "Never thought she'd come back for revenge?"
  25. Morty nods. ”Yeah, but that didn’t mean I wanted to be committed to you.” Steven sighs. “Mine. I was a king in my prime and every king needs an heir. Or so they say. I turned her into a vampire.”
  26. "You literally said you liked me" she says. "Forced from your side or hers?"
  27. Morty sighs. ”Hey. We’re visual creatures. Besides, you can find someone hot but that doesn’t mean you wanna date them.” Gary nods. “Right.” Steven frowns. “What Glacia and I had was many centuries ago…. And a bit forced. There was never any real love between us.” Gary looks at Misty. “Anyway, I might’ve said a few… things about Misty. She doesn’t like me very much at all.”
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