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The Problem of The Dark Below



Alright, back on this topic. After spending this year looking (and fortunately getting) a job, the creative engines in my brain were in a desperate need of some writing. Literally, of anything at this point.

Having said that, most of the work I had going with this Destiny project has gone dry. But I really want to keep it going. So, having said that, this piece will be mostly about me going through some lore issues I have with the first expansion for Destiny, The Dark Below.

Issue 1 - There is no lore. I mean, sure, we got to defeat our first Hive God, and the beginnings of the lore behind the Sword Logic. But then there's the story (well hidden in the grimoire cards) about the First Crota Fireteam.

About this particular lore. It's awesome! I really like the way Bungie handles the in-story tale of Eris, Eriana, Toland, Omar, Sai, and Vell going under the tunnels of Luna and (sadly) get their asses broken and handled back to them. The only thing I dislike about it, is that Bungie never put the Grimoire cards in the actual game. Details, right?

Anyways, that's the official lore behind the dlc. But if I'm to write a "novelization" of Destiny (and it'll most likely end up being an AU with most of the lore still being developed by the time Shadowkeep comes out) I'll be needing a bit more storytelling to do so this dlc doesn't feel shorter than the vanilla part of the story.

So here is a rough sketch of the chapter sequence:


Part 2 - Actions (The Dark Below)

  • Arc I - In Memoriam (Prequel/Backstory) [Chapters: Approximately 20-23 Total]
    • Heralds of the Darkness - A short story about the first time the Guardians encountered the Hive. Includes a short prelude with Eris recording the story with her ghost. [4 Chapters]
    • First Contact - My personal take on the Battle of Burning Lake (btw, this literally my own interpretation. As far as I know, we don't even know where the hell is the "Burning Lake" lol.) [Probably 4-6 Chapters]
    • The Great Disaster - This is where it gets interesting. The pivotal point where it all goes down for the guardians when Crota himself ends nearly 500 lives. Yeah, big emphasis on the word "Disaster" [Maybe 5-6 Chapters]
    • Eriana's Revenge - And it all brings us here, to the point where the tragedy of Eris and her team comes to play. [About 7 Chapters]
    • Epilogue (Until I come up with a better name/term for this one) - Coming a full circle back to Eris finishing up the recording and using an Ahamkara bone to escape the tunnels, and reaching the Tower after a few years during the Dark Below dlc where she helps a younger generation of guardians to accomplish what she couldn't.
  • Arc II - Slumber Interrupted (First Signs of Crota awakening)
  • Arc III - The End of the Will (Hunting Omnigul)
  • Arc IV - Bane of the Dark God (Crota's End Raid)


And done. That's the general idea of the Dark Below in this story. Next time, I'll ramble about the rest of the dlc... probably lol.



Recommended Comments

So you're basically telling the story from Vanilla, to Dark Below, House of Wolves, Taken King, Rise of Iron, D2, Curse of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken, Black Armory, Joker's Wild, and Penumbra? Yikes, that's a LOT of content my guy.

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Yeah, pretty much. Of course, I will be skipping some content from the expansions. I'll be telling the story of three teams for the most part, with some exceptions (one of such being the first Arc in the TDB part.) but it's all relevant for the 'present' story.

It's all part of the plan :D

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