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My two cents on Perfection



This one was inspired by a conversation I had yesterday, some of you know this, but for those who don't...I HATE THE IDEA!!! People who search for perfection in everything, to me, are people that search for anything and everything that has no flaws whatsoever, be it a person, a place, or any random item, if it has a flaw, it's trash to them. Now I can understand people wanting to find something better after experiencing something worse, but there are still some people out there that get what they want, only to dump it for an upgrade of the very same thing. For some of us, it usually takes us months, years, hell, decades in some cases, for the others, they got it in days, or a few weeks, and are still having issues with something or someone. Nobody is appreciative of anything, and it pisses me off!!! "But Vector, people will continue to search for something better than what they had, it's human nature." Yes, it is human nature, but there are people out there that search for perfection for the wrong reasons. For example, my family, they can be a bunch self-righteous hypocrites, always telling people this, that, and third, and do the exact same thing minutes after, as if the conversation never happened, but they help mold me into the man I am now, hell, I often thank my mother for turning me into a far better man than half the people in this world, and my older sister for keeping me in line, and as much as I HATE to admit it, my dad, for actually taking care of the family when shit hit the fan (he's still an ass monkey, but at least he's helping). They never gave up on an autistic adult like me, and I'm grateful for that. Why is that an example of what I've said? Because that very same older sister bailed out on my family the first chance she got. She wanted all the attention, always blames mom for trying to keep her out of trouble, and just flat out didn't want anything to do with us...until now. That is an example of someone who doesn't appreciate what she has, and therein lies the fucking problem, people don't appreciate what everyone has done for them, expecting them to either be better, or do better, and if they're not satisfied, they cut them out of their lives. Not many people are fortunate to have what you have, appreciate them before some mysterious force takes it away. I can understand looking for something better, like a job, a car, maybe a house, but other than that, don't expect perfection.


Well, that's my two cents, agree or disagree? Got your own thoughts on the topic, share with us.

VectorLogic, signing off


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